Letter #1

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve written you a morning note but…


No, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet but I just feel really good even though my sleep tracker says I slept for 5h 59m. I know, it’s pretty strange.


The first love letter he’s ever written me

My love,

Have you ever watched P.S. I Love You? I have decidedly begun to send you a long-lasting series of emails just like it — except that I’m not dead yet, and don’t plan to be for a very, very long time…so you might want to consider canceling the…

As a kid growing up in America, I had the privilege of eating the most enticing, well-packaged foods of the 20th century. This included Pop-tarts, Oreos, Fruit by the Foot, Svenhard’s danish pastries, Gogurt and all the candies we typically see near the cash register.

It’s unhealthy, you might say…

Hi Tiffany!

Walking through the second chapter of my life by asking: What can I do for the world? You’ll find the answer at http://misstiffanysun.com/about

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